Aggressive Dogs Can Be Helped in the Bay Area

Aggression is the first thing people worry about when someone says the word “dog”. Aggressive dogs are often assumed to be hopeless or inherently flawed and not suited to be pets or around children. It can be stressful and dangerous to take an aggressive dog out on walks in public or worse, have him showing aggression in the home. Like all behavior problems, aggression stems from your dog’s social placement in the home and can be remedied with our in-home training program and our training classes for aggressive dogs. An aggressive dog isn’t a hopeless dog – it is simply a dog that needs to relearn its position in your home.

Your dog's aggression can be solve with our Bay Area dog training programs. Aggressive routines occur because a dog feels that he or she has taken the leadership position. This then gives them free reign to dominate and continue to engage in aggressive behaviors. In the social order of a pack, a leader will establish themselves first and foremost, which means that they make the decisions, distribute the resources to the rest of the members, and call the shots. As your dog’s leader, you need to make it clear to your dog that you are still leading and any behavior they have learned is through your approval. Once your dog has been reminded of his training – or perhaps trained for the first time – their dominant behaviors will fall to the wayside as they look to you for guidance.

If your relationship with your dog has started to change, it can always be fixed with a little bit of work. Obedience training, leash training and handling techniques, and scheduling are the keys to re-establishing your spot as a leader. With a new training routine, you’ll feel more in-control and confident when going out with your dog or teaching him or her personal boundaries. Contact us at 510.646.9657 for more information about scheduling a consultation for you and your dog today to get any aggressive behaviors under control.