Puppy Training – Prevent Behavior Problems Now!

Getting a new puppy is an exciting and fun experience. This new canine addition to your family is going to be with you a very long time so it’s very important to establish a healthy relationship with them that is in harmony with your family and living situation. The time to begin training your puppy is now, because it’s best to teach your dog good behaviors before they have a chance to develop unacceptable ones.

The Dog Squad's Oakland puppy training programs teach puppies to make good decisions. The Dog Squad teaches puppies with a training approach that has been successful for nearly three decades. Our training is in-home and custom tailored according to your dog’s specific situation (i.e. their home environment, breed, needed routine). In our first meeting we develop a program that is based on setting your dog up for successes that lead to a consistently well-behaved demeanor. Our trainers do not utilize methods based on any dominance theories of training where an owner must establish dominance over their dog to make them obey. We use a rewards-based method that teaches your puppy to make the right decisions so they’re set up to be rewarded for their successes.

A puppy’s bad behaviors are not things you should be lenient about just because they are young, cute, and don’t know any better. Bad behaviors don’t necessarily go away with age. They have to be worked out. If you allow a puppy’s bad behaviors to persist they’ll usually develop into greater problems later on. Our training will help you to establish clear boundaries with your puppy, teaching them which behaviors are unacceptable and which behaviors will be rewarded, and give them the consistency they need to learn and understand their place in your home.

Dogs are pack animals, and a dog knowing its place in the pack is essential. People are sometimes unaware of this, but your dog is looking to you for direction. It’s when a dog has no clear direction that they can make the wrong choices and fail. A puppy’s poor behavior can seem cute at first simply because it’s an adorable baby doing it, but these behaviors have to be addressed head on and early to avoid them becoming greater problems in the dog’s adult life.

The Dog Squad is highly experienced in puppy training and it’s one of the more fun and rewarding parts of our job as dog trainers. Please don’t wait to begin training, call us at 510.646.9657, or email us using this contact form to begin discussing our training with one of our behavioral specialists.

We’re excited to meet you and your puppy!