Separation Anxiety: It CAN Be Fixed!

People don’t always realize that a dog can have complications like separation anxiety, or anxiety in general. We think of this as a very human condition, but you’ve probably seen dogs with separation anxiety. If you’ve noticed that your pet reacts oddly to you leaving – this could be leaving the room or the house in general, this may be separation anxiety. Anxious dogs are vocal and physically reactive to their owner leaving; you may hear howling and incessant whining or the scrabbling of paws against a wall or door. They might destroy things while you’re away, or go to the bathroom inside the house, even though they’re house broken. When you return, they’re overjoyed and hyper, and cling to your side for reassurance and affection. Does this sound like your dog?

dog in training at homeThe good news is that like lots of other unsavory behaviors, Dog Squad can correct separation anxiety, and make it so that you dog has confidence and comfort when they’re apart from you, not fear. Dog Squad has scores of experienced trainers who work with owners like you all across the States to correct similar behaviors. One of the ways we start this training is by focusing it on you and your unique dynamic with your pet. We know that not everyone is the same, and all households are different, which includes the dogs – their anxiety might stem from different backgrounds and manifest in different ways in your life.

The first thing Dog Squad Training does to assess the situation is a phone call. You’re free to call us up and ask any questions about the program, or ownership in general. We’ll see if one of our programs is right for you and offer the next step, which is an in-person consultation in your home. We’ll come to you and meet you and the dog and see the situation for ourselves. One of the things that makes us different is that we never get started based off the phone call alone, as our experienced trainers understand that they need to make an in-person assessment to see what kind of approach will get you the best results.

Separation anxiety can be difficult and irritating for an owner, especially if you work a heavy schedule, but we can help retrain your dog so that they stop viewing your absence as a threat. Give us a call, or send us a message here!