Dog Squad Group Dog Training Classes

The East Bay’s Premier Group Dog Training Class

Group dog training classes held in the East Bay area of California

Register for our current group dog training class:

Park Centre Animal Hospital: 2501 Central Avenue, Alameda CA, 94501

  • Practical Pet Protocol- Saturdays at 4:30pm starting September 30th
  • Cost is $250.00 per dog for 6 weeks (includes pet protocol manual and life-time invites to group walks/hikes in various East Bay locations

While Dog Squad Dog Training specializes in in-home dog training, we also provide the most comprehensive and effective basic obedience group class in the East Bay area!

During the group class, we’ll cover basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, down, heel, come, and place. We’ll also discuss our proven, veterinarian-recommended behavioral modification strategy, how to create a consistent routine and structured environment for your dog, and how to build a relationship with your dog based on trust and respect. We practice training with real-life distractions to help set your dog up for success in its everyday life. We’ll also coach you, the owner, on how to practice with your dog so you can continue to improve and build on your dog’s learning outside of class.

What sets us apart from other group dog training classes? Our professionally-certified instructors. Unlike group classes at many pet stores, our trainers are professionally-certified and have undergone a rigorous training program. They work full-time with dogs that suffer from a wide-range of behavioral issues, including severe aggression. They understand what causes dogs to behave badly and know how to properly correct bad behavior in a humane way. They are passionate about dog training and believe that obedience helps both dogs and their owners live longer happier lives together.

Unfortunately, for the safety of other dogs and owners, dogs who show any signs of aggression or need to be muzzled are not allowed to participate and should opt for individualized in-home training instead. We also don’t allow dogs younger than six months.

If your dog is a good candidate for group classes and you’re looking for the best, most effective class in your area, give us a call at 800.64.7297. You’ll be amazed at everything your dog will learn in just a few short weeks!