Meet our Oakland Dog Trainer & the Founder of The Dog Squad 

    Ash Turney – Head Trainer

    Ash is a paleontology-loving Oakland native who has been working closely with dogs for the last decade. After spending some time in Australia working as a trained chef, she moved to the Bay Area and switched gears to reflect her lifelong love of dogs. She’s gained hands-on experience in dog daycares, and she even spent a year walking dogs off-leash in the woods. That definitely takes some natural dog-handling talent!

    As a child, Ash was never allowed to have dogs of her own, so she spent her teenage years pet sitting and pitching in at shelters and adoption events. Now, Ash is mom to two sweet pit bulls and has been raising her own dogs for years. You certainly don’t have to worry about any pit bull/breed aversion from Ash! 

    Dog behavior has always been an interest of Ash’s, so it was only natural that she took the next step in her career by becoming a dog trainer. Ash chose Canine Trade Group’s intensive certification course because she knew it would give her the tools she needed to handle any canine behavior problem that came her way! Ash is especially interested in dog behavior and in bettering the relationship between dogs and their humans. In the future, Ash plans to specialize in therapy dogs and aggression cases.

    If you’re looking for someone who is worldly, experienced, and passionate about dog training, you can’t go wrong with Ash! She currently serves the Bay Area, including Oakland, Berkeley, Fremont, San Leandro, and San Francisco. She wants to work with you, so shoot her a line!

    oakland dog trainer

     Steve Bettcher – The Dog Squad Founder

    Steve is retired and no longer trains dogs.

    Oakland based dog and puppy trainer Steve Bettcher is a Certified Dog Trainer from IACP and has been helping East Bay Area dog owners train their puppies and dogs for over 20 years. Steve has worked with all types of dogs and puppy/dog training problems. No dog or puppy obedience problem is too difficult or challenging for him to handle. Over 45 Veterinarians from the Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda and Contra Costa County have recommended the Dog Squad as their Bay Area Dog Trainer of choice.

    What makes a good dog trainer? Steve, a native of Oakland, has had animals all his life and enjoys the special bond that training a dog creates. He is knowledgeable about how dogs and puppies learn and about how they communicate. Steve is proficient in using various dog training methodologies.

    He believes that the real key to his success is in human communication… in teaching dog owners to understand their pets and learn the proper skills that make dog ownership so enjoyable. What would the world be like without the a dog’s grace, loyalty and dignity? Dog and puppy training are more than a job to Steve Bettcher. He is committed to making each dog’s life a better one and to helping each owner enjoy the responsibility of dog ownership to its fullest.

    Steve Bettcher, IACP CDT: Professional Bay Area Dog Trainer

    Steve, born in Oakland and raised in the East Bay, has over 20 years of Bay Area Dog Trainer experience in both obedience and agility. He is a Certified Dog Trainer by IACP. Two of his own dogs have won three National Agility Championships and were awarded The NADAC Agility Trail Championship.


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